Costa Doc

Costa Rica, Coco Beach, Guanacaste.

In case you have a medical condition, which needs to be taken care while on vacation, it will be a good idea to meet with Dra Mendez or  our medical staff upon your arrival. Bring  a summary of your medications, medical conditions and issues, insurance paper work in case you want to use it, you passport or residency card,  location of where you are staying your phone number and email, and  if you have a Costa Rican temporary cell phone or are carrying your U.S. cell phone as well.


Welcome to Costa Rica

When you think about vacationing in Costa Rica, most likely you are not thinking about medical issues and doctors. However, you might be one of those people who like to have everything well planned for and all details covered. May be you have a medical condition that requires for you to have a physician at hand. Those may be important details that are keeping you away from taking that dreamed vacation in Costa Rica.

Well, now that should not be a problem in planning your next trip to paradise. If you decide to come to Guanacaste , we have a solution for you! Dra. Alejandra Mendez and her partner José Conejo have a Medical Assitance  on all main beaches in Guanacaste and offers 24/7 emergency and medical assistance  in  Carillo, Guanacaste,  just give them a call (506) 8382-1815